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Recent Projects

Combienbar River Bed Stabilisation


The Combienbar River is an actively incising (deepening) stream. When a river bed deepens, banks become steep and are likely to fail and other bank stabilisation works, revegetation and stock exclusion fencing can be compromised.


The works aimed to achieve bed stability by installing seven grade control structures (‘rock riffle bars’) at strategic locations over a three kilometre section of the river. Improved bed stability was necessary to ensure the success of future bank stabilisation and revegetation projects, as well as reductions in sediment moving downstream.

A project of this scale needs the support of multiple landholders who will exclude stock access to the river. This is necessary to ensure the natural recruitment of native vegetation which is vital for long term bank stabilisation.

Flood Recovery Works

This slideshow illustrates works to repair bank erosion on the Bemm River which occurred during the June 2012 flood event.

These bank stabilisation works involved the placement of 50 metres of rock beaching and the construction of three alignment structures (pile fields).

The planning commenced in July and works at the site were undertaken in October and November 2013.

New stock exclusion fencing - 733 metres funded by a grant from the Authority - will be erected by the landholder.

These works will allow native vegetation to recover along the banks of the river which will provide a natural vegetation defence during future flood events.


Bemm River Map