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Lower Mitchell River Rehabilitation Project

Here's a clip with the EGCMA working in collaboration with local landowners to achieve beneficial outcomes for all on the lower Mitchell River.


Large scale fencing project completed on Mitchell River

David Visser and Andrea Brown purchased a 150 hectare property at Glenaladale northwest of Bairnsdale in 2009. The property borders the Mitchell River National Park and is located upstream of a pump station used by East Gippsland Water to extract billions of litres of water a year.

David and Andrea recently received a grant from the East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority to fence off 21 hectares of Crown Land and 42 hectares of private land frontage on the river. This involved the construction of 4 kilometres of new stock exclusion fencing and the installation of an off-stream watering system for the 80 head of cattle they run on the farm. A grant for weed control within the fenced area was also provided.

Preventing stock accessing the river above a drinking water extraction point helps safeguard water quality. A well-vegetated river bank helps filter surface water before it enters the river therefore, the extent and costs associated with the treatment of water for human consumption is further reduced.

Fencing the river frontage has had benefits for the landholders as well. Stock cannot wander along the river and can be easily moved around the property. The off stream watering system provides a high quality and reliable water supply for stock.

The exclusion of stock also contributes to improved biodiversity along the waterway, allowing natural regeneration of native plant species.


Mitchell River Map