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Recent Projects

Additional stock exclusion fencing has been completed on the Nicholson River.



Nicholson River Stock Exclusion and Revegetation Project

The East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority received funding from the Victorian Government to work with landholders adjoining the lower Nicholson River to construct stock exclusion fencing, establish off-stream watering systems, control threatening weeds and conduct a revegetation program involving native plant species indigenous to the area. 

Three landholders located below the Princess Highway Bridge signed up to the project and during the first half of 2014 constructed 1,127 metres of stock exclusion fencing.  When the fencing was complete, EGCMA contractors planted 2,000 indigenous plants across the 3 sites.  When selecting the native plant species both local provenance and salt tolerance were taken into consideration.

Each Landholder has accepted responsibility for the ongoing fence maintenance and weed control inside the protected river frontage area.

Excluding stock from the rivers has many beneficial outcomes for river health, including improvements in water quality and increases in biodiversity and habitat.

Excluding stock is also important in reducing bank instability and bank erosion.


Nicholson River Map