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About Our Role

The Authority is one of ten Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) throughout Victoria established under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 and the Water Act 1989.


The CMAs report to the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water (The Hon Lisa Neville MP). The CMAs were established to provide for the integrated management of land, biodiversity and water resources within their region.

The Authority consists of:

  • A board of management responsible for strategic directions for natural resource management in the region;
  • Four Catchment Advisory Groups responsible to the Board through the chief executive, working as advisory committees on catchment works and strategic issues;
  • A chief executive officer reporting directly to the Board and managing the day-to-day activities of the Authority and the staff.

Community and Government Stakeholder Engagement

The Authority disseminates Government policy and information to the community of East Gippsland and provides strategic leadership on current and emerging government initiatives in natural resource management. It acts as a conduit between government and community to build cooperative connections between the two. The Authority recognises the importance of establishing strong partnerships with the community, government, business and stakeholders  which assist in building a sustainable economic, social and ecological future for the region.

Integrated Regional Planning and Coordination

The Authority provides government with the collective strategic views of this region, which take account of state and federal policy. The responsibilities under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 include development of the Regional Catchment Strategy and associated action plans. The Authority maintains a clearly structured and highly effective strategic planning framework related to the  implementation, monitoring and reporting of projects against strategic targets.

Project Management and Capacity Development

The Authority coordinates project management across East Gippsland and encourages increased project capacity with  regional stakeholders.  The focus within  the Authority is to foster project delivery through partnership with regional stakeholders. This principle reflects the Regional Catchment Strategy objectives of strengthening relationships with, and the capacity of landowners and land managers. To this end, the Authority aims to  encourage on-ground works by supporting agencies, individuals and community groups, to maximise their potential operational capacity.

Fulfilling Statutory Functions

The Authority is directly accountable under the Water Act 1989 for licensing works on waterways and planning referrals on floodplains. The Authority also provides advice and information on other river health related issues including farm dam applications, and input to strategies and plans being developed by agencies, groups and individuals.


Our East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority Brochure (PDF 3.1Mb) provides an overiew of our role, region, challenges and achievements.


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