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Large tracts of the Genoa River catchment are public land and include state forests and national parks in Victoria and New South Wales.

In New South Wales, the Genoa National Park and Mt Imlay National Park (near Eden) are located wholly or partly in the catchment.

There are also State Forests in New South Wales located wholly or partly in the Genoa and Wallagaraugh catchments.

In Victoria, there are two national parks – Coopracambra, a wilderness area that adjoins the Genoa National Park in New South Wales, and the Croajingolong National Park that extends along the coast strip from the New South Wales border to Sydnenham Inlet. There are also large areas of State Forest in the Genoa and Wallagaraugh catchments in Victoria.

Mallacoota Inlet is recognised as a high-value wetland in the Directory of Important Wetlands. Other wetlands include Lake Barracoota and numerous smaller wetlands on Howe Flat. The estuary is subject to periodic closure resulting from variations in river flows and climatic patterns.

Mallacoota Inlet and the adjoining township of Mallacoota provide significant tourism and recreational opportunities. Fishing (on the Inlet and off-shore) and boating (yachting, kayaking, canoeing) are popular, as well as driving tours and bushwalking in the surrounding national parks and along the coast.


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