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The catchment comprises mainly public land, including Cape Conran Coastal Park, Bemm River Scenic Reserve, Errinundra National Park and the Lind National Park.

These areas have a broad range of ecosystems including cool and warm temperate rainforest, ancient wet eucalypt forest, coastal heathland and banksia woodland.

Fertile floodplain areas on the Combienbar River, and along the Bemm River between it’s confluence with the Errinundra River and the Princes Highway, have been cleared and support mainly beef cattle grazing.

Sydenham Inlet, adjacent to the township of Bemm River, is an important recreational tourism asset famous for fishing, eco-tourism and bushwalking. It is recognised as a high-value wetland in the Directory of Important Wetlands. The estuary is subject to periodic closure resulting from variations in river flows and climatic patterns.

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