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Recent Projects

Weed control, fencing and revegetation maintenance is continuing along the Buchan River, a major tributary Snowy River.


Buchan River Rehabilitation – 2012-13 – 2014-15

This project commenced in 2012-13 and is on-going. The aims of the project have been to improve channel robustness and the resilience of the riparian zone of the river on freehold land throughout the Buchan Valley.

The works undertaken in the first year consisted of targeted maintenance on previously planted revegetation sites (weed and willow control) and supplementary plantings on vulnerable (unstable) sections of the river bank. These works were designed to promote the regeneration of native species which contribute to an ecologically diverse and healthy riparian zone. Sites were fenced to exclude stock and protected with landholder agreements which specify the responsibility of landholders for maintenance of the fencing and weed control.

In the first year, 3280 hours of weed control and 52,000 native plants were planted above and below the main road bridge (a total of 31 kilometres). Six kilometres of target willow control works were also undertaken.

In the second year (2013/14), 3456 hours of weed control was completed and 65,000 native plants were planted and in the current year (2014-15), 89 hectares of weed control and 30,000 plants.

The outcomes of these works will be:

  • A fully vegetated (native species) riparian corridor
  • Habitat for a diverse range of terrestrial and aquatic animals
  • Increase channel robustness and resilience
  • Eradication of willows
  • Ecologically diverse and healthy waterway
  • Enhanced recreation and aesthetic appeal

Fencing and revegetation on the Buchan River (looking downstream from Sunny Point Bridge) - June 2014

Snowy River Map