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The Snowy River Priority Native Fish Assessment (Stoessel 2014) was undertaken by the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research and funded by the East Gippsland CMA. The project aimed to improve knowledge of the status of priority freshwater fish (Australian bass and grayling) in the Snowy River system. Fish surveys were conducted in the Buchan, Lower Snowy and Brodribb Rivers.

Some key findings from the project were:

• The Snowy River catchment supports a large and diverse range of native fish.

• Australian grayling are rare within the Snowy River catchment; however, the capture of a juvenile of the species indicates that recruitment (although limited) is occurring.

• Multiple Australian bass cohorts may be present within the Snowy River system. It is not known what proportion of the bass population is the consequence of natural spawning or from recent stocking.

• Future work will aim to determine the proportion of stocked versus naturally recruited individuals within the population (Australian Bass).

• Genetic clips and otoliths (fish ear bones) collected as part of this project will be important for informing future research and the provision of advice regarding environmental flows delivered to the system for the benefit of priority species.

Download a copy of Snowy River Priority Native Fish Assessment (1.3MB)



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