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Our Committees


Audit & Risk Committee

Mr Ewan Waller (Convenor)

Mr Bill Bulmer 

Ms Claire Miller

Dr Peter Veenker (ex-officio)

The Committee undertake the oversight of:

  • Financial performance and the effectiveness of the financial reporting process, including performance against the annual budget, the annual financial statements and all other internal controls
  • The scope of work, performance and independence of internal audit
  • Ratifying the engagement and dismissal by management of any chief internal audit executive
  • Review the operation and implementation of the risk management framework
  • The sign off of finance, risk and related policies
  • The effectiveness of management information systems and other systems of internal control.
  • The Authority’s process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations and Codes of Financial Practice


Communications and Engagement Committee

Ms Christine Wrench  (Convener) 

Ms Frankie McLennan

Ms Glenys Watts

Dr Nicola Watts

Mr Ewan Waller

Dr Peter Veenker (ex-officio)

The Committee undertake the oversight of:

  • The implementation of board level communication and engagement activities
  • The annual review of the Board Engagement Plan and recommend the completed plan to the board for endorsement
  • The implementation of the Board Engagement Plan including performance against KPI’s
  • Production of the Authority’s Annual Report as required
  • Review reports on and oversee implementation of the Authority’s program communication and engagement activities
  • Review relevant communications and engagement policies for board approval.


People and Renumeration Committee

Dr Peter Veenker (Convener) 

Ms Jennifer Fraser

Dr Nicola Watts

The Committee undertake the oversight of:

  • People resources, strategic policy and planning  
  • Organisational culture
  • Organisational structure
  • Industrial relations matters
  • Development and training
  • Remuneration and contracting strategies
  • Succession planning for key management positions
  • Recruitment and retention

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