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Regional Landcare Report Card

Landcare volunteers throughout East Gippsland give up their own time to take on projects that restore our natural resources, improve the environment and increase agricultural productivity. The East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority would like to acknowledge the dedication of our Landcarers as we present this snapshot of their hard work over the last twelve months.  


Great People Doing Great Things!

In the report below there is:

  1. Landcare Groups throughout East Gippsland
  2. snapshot of what Landcare has achieved
  3. self assessment snapshot that illustrates how each individual Landcare Group feel they are travelling in 2016 - 2017.


Landcare Groups throughout East Gippsland



A Snapshot of Landcare in 2016 - 2017












How Landcare In East Gippsland is going

A snapshot of East Gippsland Landcare health is shown below. It indicates most groups feel they are making progress with a pronounced trend of advancing from "moving forward" to "smooth sailing".












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